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Quick Draw Machine

Quick Draw Machine

Quick Draw Machines

Quick Draw Express Machine

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Quick Draw Express

Quick Draw Machine

Welcome to the official site of the Quick Draw Express Machine model number 6410. Quickdraw
Machines are pleased to announce our unit is ready for retail use. Whether you own a Convenience
Store, C Store, Smoke Shop, Tobacco Store, Head Shop, Pawn Shop, Check cashing store or Hybrid
Smokeshop we have the perfect machine to service your customers and most importantly- WE CAN

This machine is fun and easy for you and your customers to use. You do not have the higher loss ratios
and loosely filled cigarettes that are commonplace with other similar machines. This heavy duty unit
weighing approximately 160 lbs. is a very sturdy unit and meant to be used in a busy retail setting.
Having the Quick Draw Express in your store makes your location become a destination!

Do not be fooled by manufacturers that are not able to deliver a finished product! The compact Quick
Draw Express Model 6410 dimensions are: 31 1/2 " Wide x 25.5" Depth x 33.5" Height. The compact
size is ideal for maximizing the space in your store or retail location. The Quick Draw Express rolls a very
nice 1 gram to 1.2 gram cigarette almost every single time! You do not have wasted rolls at a 5% ratio!

By pouring 2 oz of tobacco into the feeder bin, your customers are able to roll a "square" i.e. 50
cigarettes, 2 1/2 packs or a 1/4 carton. 8 oz of tobacco will roll a carton of cigarettes. On average you
can expect to roll a square in about 2 ½ - 3 minutes as you become accustomed to the equipment. A
carton can be rolled in about 10-12 minutes depending upon the user.

Another engineering feature is the short distance that the cigarette travels from inception to
completion. By only travelling a mere 2 inches the cigarettes are not jarred loose or shaken loose during
the cycle.

The machines were specifically crafted and engineered in a manner that we believe will always have the
Quick Draw one step ahead of our competitors and allow the retailer to use the machine for many years
to come!

Are your ready to learn more about this exciting RYO Cigarette Machine? You may reach us at
864.244.8422 or fast forward to the contact page for an email response.

We would like to thank all of the people that have shown an excitement and early interest since
the debut of the Quick Draw Express at the NATO show in Las Vegas 2011. I am confident we will
be seeing many of you at the Tobacco Expo 2012 and at the NATO show 2012 in Las Vegas!

Your support and enthusiasm are appreciated!


Quick Draw Machine

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